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Focusrite Red 1 500 Series Microphone Preamp

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  • Focusrite Red 1 500 Series
  • Focusrite Red 1 500 Series
  • Focusrite Red 1 500 Series


Key Features

Original Red circuit topology and components

Red 1 500 recreates the original Red 1 mic pre, made in England with the original circuitry and components (where commercially available) for that legendary signature sound.

500 Series "Lunchbox" format

For the first time, a Focusrite product is available in this popular portable rack format

Lundahl LL1538 Input Transformer

The original mix transformer used in the original Red modules helps to provide the unique sound and performance of this groundbreaking design.

Carnhill custom output transformer

An important contributor to the sound, the output transformer also allows Red 1 500 to drive long lines, ideal for remote and mobile applications for which the Lunchbox format was originally intended.

Grayhill gold-plated mil-grade gain switch

The switched gain structure of the Red 1 500 means accurate setting and recall, and with a solid, super-reliable, gold-plated selector switch you know you'll get repeatable results.

Suitable for virtually any microphone

With gain from -6 to +60dB in 6dB steps and a carefully chosen input impedance, Red 1 500 is perfect for almost any microphone, be it ribbon, dynamic or condenser.

Backlit VU meter with switchable calibration

The built-in VU meter helps gain accurate, repeatable results, with calibration to ensure your levels are always spot on.

Polarity invert and +48V phantom power

Maximum microphone flexibility in the studio or on location.


Tech Specs

Maximum Output +25.5dBu (20Hz20kHz)
Maximum Input +28dBu (200Hz13kHz), 26dBu (160Hz-20kHz)
Mic Preamp Input Impedance 1.1k (Nominal)
Frequency Response Deviation at 30dB gain (20Hz20kHz) 0.1dB
Bandwidth (3dB) at 30dB gain 103 kHz
Range at 60dB gain (0.5dB) 125Hz24kHz
Bandwidth (3dB) at 60dB gain 32Hz75kHz
Output Noise (min gain) 104.5dBu CCIR-RMS
107dBu A-wgt
Harmonic Distortion

(30 dB gain, -30 dBu input)
Third Harmonic 101dB (0.0009%)
Second Harmonic 88.5dB (0.0038%)
THD+N (20 kHz bandwidth) 88dB (0.0039%)
CMRR (24dB gain, 4dBu input, 1kHz) Common mode test: 102dB
IEC 60268-3:2000 test: 89dB
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