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Korg 03R/W Vintage Rack Mount Synthesizer

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  • korg 03R/W rack mount synthesizer
  • korg 03R/W rack mount synthesizer
  • korg 03R/W rack mount synthesizer
  • korg 03R/W rack mount synthesizer


This famed rack mount synthesizer is in great shape and sounds AMAZING! We were pleasantly surprised when we powered it up and sent the first midi notes receiving back lush strings, detailed pianos and upbeat 80's-esque leads. Tested and in 100% working condition with little to no rack rash, this unit won't hang around long!


The Korg 03R/W is a 32 voice synthesizer that uses Korg's famed AI2 digital synthesis. It holds 229 programs (129 of which are GM in ROM) and 100 combinations which use the 255 preset multisounds (multi-sampled PCM waveforms). The Multi Digital Effects processor provides up to 4 simultaneous effects. The unit has two card slots, PCM DataPROG Data, is 16 part multi-timbral and has 32 note polyphony.

The unit uses a lithium battery (type CR2016) to keep the RAM data from being lost when the power is turned off. There are four audio out and three midi (in, outthru) jacks.

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