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Pioneer DJ Bulit5 Studio Monitor Bundle

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  • Pioneer DJ Bulit5 Studio Monitor Bundle
  • Pioneer DJ Bulit5 Studio Monitor Bundle
  • Pioneer DJ Bulit5 Studio Monitor Bundle
  • Pioneer DJ Bulit5 Studio Monitor Bundle
  • Pioneer DJ Bulit5 Studio Monitor Bundle


Pioneer has channeled years of experience creating the best audio equipment on the planet into it's new BULIT monitor series, sourcing top components from top manufacturers for a smooth, refined monitor in an affordable package. Pioneer has tapped TAD Labs to outfit the 1-inch dome tweeter found in BULIT monitors with diffusers using same DECO technology found in the iconic TSM-2201-LR, used in top studios worldwide. The woofers have been designed to deliver robust and punchy kicks at the most demanding of levels and thanks to newly designed Class AB bi-amplifiers for the woofer and tweeter units, you can count on perfect clarity with low-distortion and no loss of quality. Adjustable high frequency control means musicians can adjust harsh frequencies to reduce ear fatigue, so you can work for longer periods and finish more tracks. Pioneer has also included a variety of inputs (XLR, TRS and un-balanced RCA) so users can connect to their BULIT no matter their setup. We put together a nice little package for you to get yourself started on the right foot of solid studio set up.


  • Two Pioneer Bulit5 Studio Monitors
  • Dual Studio Monitor Stands
  • Two 15 foot XLR cables


  • Maximum audio performance, increased bass output, and reduced unwanted resonance, each speaker utilizes a highly rigid medium density fiberboard (MDF) for its enclosure and bass reflex ducts.
  • The technique decreases standing waves from the mouth of the port, resulting in smooth bass and mid-bass output with more impact.
  • Bi-amp, 2-way bass reflex, active monitor speakers
  • Soft dome tweeters are set in the center of a convex diffuser optimizing output and dispersing the sound energy in both left and right directions for wider imaging.

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