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Roland Aira TR-8 Rhythm Performer

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  • Roland Aira TR-8 Rhythm Performer
  • Roland TR-8 Rhythm Performer Top View
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The TR-8 is not simply a sequencer/drum machine, this is the rebirth of the 808 and 909 in a new body which brings the features and capabilities of modern electronic instruments to the legendary sound of the original TR series. In true Roland fashion they've poured over every detail of the original machines; From the circuitry to the unique variations in tone that occur when multiple instruments land on accented steps. The updated controls include a large tempo knob, for easy adjustment along with tap tempo button and fine and shuffle knobs. 16 preset kits containing 11 instruments, including custom "dream kits" made up of both 808 and 909 sounds sure to keep you busy creating for a long, long time. Roland has also added Tune and Decay knobs with the unmistakable bass drum and snare having additional controls like attack, "snappy" and comp for true control over your sound. The authenticity of the original sound set combined with the new capabilites the TR-8 has to offer make this a must have studio piece for every electronic music and production enthusiast!


Capturing the Originals

  • Full reproduction of the classic TR-808 and TR-909 rhythm machines, based on original design spec sheets and detailed analog circuit analysis of many original TR machines, including Rolands own pristine units
  • Newly developed Analog Circuit Behavior (ACB) technology allows part-by-part analyses and faithful recreation of tonality and behavior, including the smooth variations of tone that occur when you work the controls of each instrument
  • Obsessive attention to detail, such as reproducing the original TRs unique variations in tone that occur when multiple instruments are entered in accented steps
  • Authentic 16-step sequencer with faithful TR-REC behavior, including A and B pattern variations and the ability to play instruments and record to steps in real time


  • 16 stunning kits made up of 11 instrument types, including custom dream kits that use both TR-808 and TR-909 sounds
  • Large Tempo knob with Tap Tempo button and continuous Fine and Shuffle adjustment knobs
  • Control the intensity of the Accent function with a dedicated knob
  • Per-step reverb and delay effects with dedicated knobs
  • Mix sources connected to the External In jacks with built-in per-step Side Chain function for rhythmic ducking and gating effects
  • Scatter lets you freak and tweak your grooves with real-time control and perfect sync
  • 7 segment, 4 character LED display and 16 per-step pads with bold, full-color LEDs
  • Real-time pattern creation up to 32 steps with on-the-fly step count adjustment
  • Rec/Play modes have been eliminated, enabling seamless switching between step input and real-time pattern making and performance
  • Real-time play of 4 different types of rolls (8th, 16th, VARI 1, VARI 2) and per-instrument mutes
  • Pattern copy and pattern randomization for rapid, spontaneous creativity
  • Two assignable analog outputs and full parallel outputs via USB for total mixing flexibility

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