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PreSonus StudioLive 64 AVB Mix SystemTwo StudioLive RML32 AIs & One StudioLive CS18 AI

StudioLive 64 AVB Mix System
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The heart of the StudioLive AVB 64AI Mix System, the two PreSonus StudioLive RM32AI rack-mount Active Integration digital mixers provide a versatile and flexible solution for live sound and recording. Each of these versatile 25-bus mixers offers 32 input channels, for a total of 64 input channels. Each channel can accept a signal from either a dedicated analog input or a digital input via FireWire or AVB. StudioLive RM32AI mixers are flawlessly integrated with state-of-the-art software and boast an integrated 80x66 recording interface, advanced AVB networking, and multiple control options. Yet theyre easy to use, with a workflow that will let you focus on mixing, without being distracted by the technology.
If we just gave you two feature-rich StudioLive RM32AI rack-mount mixers, a powerful StudioLive CS18AI control surface, and the extensive software library, youd have an amazing set of products. With AVB networking, you have an amazing integrated, modern system. Reading about it is a good start; watching our videos is a fine next step. But you really need to experience a StudioLive AVB 64AI Mix System for yourself. Test-drive it at your favorite PreSonus dealer.

Includes: Two StudioLive RML32 AIsOne StudioLive CS18 AI.


  • 18 100mm, touch-sensitive motorized faders: 16 Channel, 1 Flex, 1 Master
  • Control StudioLive RM AI mix systems of up to 64-channels
  • Full PreSonus Fat Channel DSP control with individual encoders and 12-LED displays for Gate Threshold, Range, Attack, Release; Compressor Ratio, Attach, Release, Gain; Limiter Threshold; EQ Low, Low-Mid, High-Mid, High
  • Metering; Sixteen 12-LED channel ladder level and Fat Channel displays; Three 11-LED Select Channel Level/Compressor/Gate displays; 11-LED displays for Main Center/Mono, Left and Right
  • Variable-color (RGB) Select buttons for easy channel and Filter DCA group identification

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