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Digital Audio Workstations

Digital Audio Workstations or “DAWs” are the software that allow computer based musicians to compose and record their work. Over the years, we’ve seen significant improvements in software based recording from Ableton, Cubase, Propellerheads- Reason, BitWig, ProTools and others that allow the installation of complete virtual studios onto laptops, desktops and all sorts of portable devices. This computing power has led to a revolution in electronic composition and recording and we’re proud to be one of the leading retailers of DAWs and midi gear on the West Coast. Careful consideration should be placed when selecting a DAW and you should think about whether you’re looking something with a suite of built in virtual instruments, or if you’re planning on using third party VST’s whether they’re compatible with your DAW of choice. Each DAW offers a different workflow and recording environment and we suggest spending some time watching tutorials or trying out free demos to get a feel for what works best for you.