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Earth-Friendly and Green Repurposed Packaging

  At World of Stereo we move enormous amounts of goods in and out of our stores daily. Those goods come from the manufacturers in lots of different types of boxes and packaging- and we reuse it all! Large speakers are left in their shipping boxes so if you place an order online for a pair, they don't need to be repackaged. Smaller items- such as midi controllers, headphones and cartridges usually come from the manufacturers several to a box and for those we try to save shipping boxes from items that are sent to our sales floor so we can match them up and ship them out without generating any extra waste. We also save any and all packaging materials, such as styrofoam peanuts, air packs, bubble wrap or packaging paper to fill our outgoing packages. We see this as not only cost effective, but our way of helping offset our carbon footprint and reduce material sent to landfill from the DJ, music, pro-audio and lighting equipment we take pride in supplying you with!