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Condenser Microphones

While dynamic microphones are considered the standard for a lot of stage applications, condenser microphones rule the studio- and for good reason. Condenser microphones convert the sound created by your voice or instrument into electrical current when two extremely low mass sheets of metal knows as the “diaphragm” move to the rhythm of the frequencies of the sound. Since condenser diaphragms are so low mass, they’re capable of picking up a greater frequency ranges with much greater transient response (how long it takes for the diaphragm to react to the sound pressure) thus resulting in a much superior sound quality. Modern condenser microphones are available for a range of applications from shotgun condensers- most popular for broadcast and field recording, to bottle condensers that you frequently see in recording studios for vocals. We carry them all from top of the line industry standard condensers to the ideal mic for a project studio on a budget!