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Review: DJ Kue on the Pioneer DDJ-1000 Professional Controller for Rekordbox

Review: DJ Kue on the Pioneer DDJ-1000 Professional Controller for Rekordbox

    Our good friend and long time customer DJ Kue did an amazing review of the DDJ-1000 controller and we think you'll love it! Click the video below or read on for more info...


    Here's what you need to know: The DDJ-1000 has a ton of features that DJ's have been asking for in a controller for a long, long time! It's a four-channel mixer layout made to mimic it's industry standard club setup with- *DRUM ROLL* full-sized jog wheels! This is one of the biggest features DJ's have wanted in a controller since their introduction to the pro market. It even has a jog adjust so you can change the tension on job wheel.

    Next important new feature is the on screen display built into the jog wheels. This cool and super useful feature provides valuable information such as, track waveform, time cue point locations and even a rotation marker. 

    Also important to note- This controller can operate standalone. So what does that mean? This means that you don't need to have the controller connected to a laptop to operate it. The mixer works standalone with for inputs and a booth, 2 master outputs and 2 mic inputs. This is super handy if you want to switch it up and add gear to your setup such as turntables, or just don't want rely entirely on the controller.

    The DDJ-1000 has two USB ports, which allows you to switch between DJ's seamlessly. That might not seem like a big deal until you try to handoff with a controller that only has one USB and find that you have to totally stop the music to achieve the same goal.

    Pioneer has even included something for the scratch dj's! The DDJ-1000 is equipped with the  Magvel fader, the same fader you'll find in their top of the line club mixers (minus the S9, which ships with the Magvel Pro.) A couple of other notable additions are the same onboard hardware fx that you'll find on the industry standard DJM-900NXS mixer and improved performance pads. The new pads feature new ways to implement hot cues, pad fx, beat jump, their onboard sampler, keyboard mode, beatloop and more!

    DJ Kue has been using the demo unit we sent him for radio mixes and a few mobile gigs and he's reported that it's held up really well. At home he rocks on the club standard CDJ/DJM setup and he feels like it mimics that setup remarkably well. 

   This controller has been designed SPECIFICALLY for Rekordbox, meaning there is no Serato support for it at this time. If you're having hesitations about whether you want to switch over to Rekordbox or not, make sure you watch the full video to here Kue's opinion on the matter.

    Hope you enjoyed the video, please subscribe and check back regularly for new gear updates, reviews and deals!

Jun 13th 2018 Joshua Olds

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