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Arturia Keylab Essentail 61 Midi Controller

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KeyLab Essential is an affordable, full-featured MIDI controller keyboard offering DAW control, custom maps, great integration, and amazing bundled software including the full version of Analog Lab. The perfect controller for getting new producers up and running, or a superb addition to any proÕs setup, KeyLab Essential gives you maximum bang for your buck. Its selection of faders, rotary knobs, performance pads, and that all important, super-playable keyboard make sure every element of your sound is right at your fingertips. Make the most out of your studio When youÕre getting creative, you donÕt want technology interfering with your flow. Almost everyone starts off by using the computer keyboard and mouse to change settings and edit sounds, but now youÕre ready to take the next step. Once you discover how quick and intuitive KeyLab Essential makes controlling your sound and recording process, youÕll wonder how you ever worked without it. The powerful map settings effectively make this 8 controllers in one, so whatever collection of rack synths, virtual instruments, sound modules, or recording software youÕve decked your studio out in, KeyLab Essential will make you the master of it all.


  • Amazing bundled software: every KeyLab Essential comes with a powerful array of software titles that will inspire even the most seasoned professional. For those that are new to the music production world, KeyLab Essential has everything they need to start making music right out of the box, from the 5,000+ keyboard preset sounds in Analog Lab to the recording and producing power of Ableton Live Lite
  • Fully customizable: almost every component of KeyLab Essential can be customized to suit your own particular needs in a controller, and saved within the 6 user preset banks so you can quickly chop and change between settings. Perfect for live performance or controlling specific virtual instruments
  • DAW control: featuring full Mackie / HUI command support, you can control the most used functions of your DAW directly from your keyboard, letting you spend more time creating and less time switching between your controller and your keyboard & mouse
  • Great feeling keys: a key component often overlooked on other controllers - the KeyLab Essential offers a beautifully playable, synth-action keyboard for you to hammer out melodies for years to come
  • Assignable faders and rotaries: easily control your DAWÕs mixer, then at the flick of a switch start tweaking Analog LabÕs sound parameters. KeyLab Essential offers outstanding workflow options, and will keep up with even the most hands-on producers.
  • Solid RGB performance pads: the dual-function pads let you hammer out a rhythm one moment, select your user maps another, and trigger your own custom command the next. You can even select their color to keep your live set organized
  • Chord play for quicker, thicker sounds: straight out of the fabled Arturia BeatStep Pro, the Chord feature lets you tap in your preferred chord and instantly transpose it to any key you touch
  • MIDI and power via USB: power sockets and USB slots are precious commodities in the streamlined, modern studio. KeyLab Essential sends and receives all its MIDI data and is powered by just one single USB connection. ItÕs even Òclass compliantÓ, so you can also use it with your iOS or Android device. MIDI Out: To connect to external harwware and modules, a MIDI Out socket is included

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Rotary Encoders
Assignable Faders
Software Instruments Included
Pitch Bend
Mod Wheel
Midi DIN
Sustain Pedal
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