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Dave Smith Instruments Prophet Rev2 16-Voice Keyboard Poly Synth

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  • Dave Smith Instruments Rev2 8-Voice Keyboard Poly Synth
  • Dave Smith Instruments Rev2 8-Voice Keyboard Poly Synth
  • Dave Smith Instruments Rev2 8-Voice Keyboard Poly Synth
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Dave Smith Instruments new REV2 16-voice analog synthesizer designed to be a successor to the Prophet 08. Like its predecessor, the REV2 features two DCOs per voice and Curtis filters at the heart of its sound engine, but boasts a number of significant enhancements designed to make it more powerful. As Dave Smith puts it, The Prophet 08 has been a real road warrior for 10 years now and people still love it. But we felt it was time to update it with new technology and new features and, at the same time, lower its cost. Smith continued: The REV2 is essentially the result of our effort to enhance and improve everything we could about the original Prophet 08 and, in many cases, double its power. The most obvious difference between the REV2 and its predecessor is polyphony.

The REV2 has 16-voices as its standard configurationtwice the polyphony of the Prophet 08 (though an 8-voice option is also available). Since the synth features bi-timbral operation, two completely independent sounds can be stacked or splitlayered together or assigned to two different zones on the keyboard. The essence of its sound comes from two DCOs (plus a sub-octave generator on oscillator 1) per voice, with 4 waveshapes (sawtooth, triangle, sawtooth + triangle, and pulse) and a 2/4 pole low-pass, resonant Curtis filter per voice. These are the same filters used not only in the Prophet 08, but also in many classic instruments of the 70s and 80s. A new feature unique to the REV2 is waveshape modulation. You can vary the pulse width of any of the four waveforms by manually dialing in a desired waveshape width or by using an LFO or other modulation source for continuously shifting timbre. An effects section provides reverb, delays (standard and BBD), chorus, phase shifter, ring modulation, and distortion. In stacked or split voice mode, you can apply a different effect to each layer. Effects parameters can be modulated through the mod matrix, which is twice as extensive as its predecessor, with 8 individual slots and many more sources/destinations.

A new polyphonic step sequencer allows up to 64 steps and up to 6 notes per step. A different sequence can be created for each layer when working in stacked or split voice mode. A separate gated sequencer functions as a modulation source, allowing you to create up to 4 different 16-step sequences for complex modulation. Sequences allow ties and rests, and can sync to an external MIDI clock. The arpeggiator features note repeats, re-latching, and can be synced to external MIDI clock, as well. Other improvments include a premium-quality, five-octave, semi-weighted keyboard with velocity and channel aftertouch, an integrated power supply, USB support, and a crisp OLED display.


  • 2 digitally controlled analog oscillators (DCOs) per voice (plus sub octave on oscillator 1) with selectable sawtooth, triangle, saw/triangle mix, and pulse waves (with pulse-width modulation)
  • Glide (portamento): separate rates per oscillator
  • White noise generator
  • Analog VCAs
  • Hard sync
  • 1 analog Curtis low-pass filter per voice, selectable 2- and 4-pole operation (self-resonating in 4-pole mode)
  • 3 envelope generators: filter, VCA, and assignable (four-stage ADSR + delay); Envelope 3 can loop.
  • Polyphonic step sequencer with up to 64 steps (6 notes per step), and ties and rests. Separate 16 x 4 gated step sequencer. Each layer can have a separate sequence.
  • 4 LFOs with key sync per LFO

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