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Tascam DR-10L Mini Portable Recorder With Lavaliere Microphone

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  • Tascam DR-10L Mini Portable Recorder With Lavaliere Microphone
  • Tascam DR-10L Mini Portable Recorder With Lavaliere Microphone
  • Tascam DR-10L Mini Portable Recorder With Lavaliere Microphone
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The TASCAM DR-10L is an ultra-compact, incredibly convenient digital recorder/lavalier microphone combo. For added flexibility, the included wired lavalier microphone is affixed via a 1/8 screw-down lock connector compatible with most Sennheiser lavalier mics and mics with the same connector. Designed for both the creative filmmaker and the busy videographer, the DR-10L is an immensely powerful problem-solving tool, delivering professional sonics and revolutionary convenience. Ideal for location recording, a DR-10L can be mounted to each on camera actor, removing the need for booms, wires or expensive (an unpredictable) wireless systems. Perfect or live events, a DR-10L can be worn by each and every member of even the biggest wedding party to ensure that every last word is captured. And lastly, the combination of a portable, high quality digital recorder and a tiny, professionally specd microphone makes the DR-10L an inspiring tool for the experimental audio designer.


  • the DR-10L marries the industry standard TASCAM portable mini-recorder with a high performance lavalier mic.
  • The DR-10L has several features to prevent distorted audio, but the most secure is Dual Recording. This feature captures a copy of your signal at a lower level, as a safety track in case of distortion.
  • Automatic file closing saves file data before the battery runs out.
  • Automatic level, limiter and other functions solve common recording level problems.
  • Compact and lightweight body that is only 63 g, including battery
  • Operates for up to 10 hours continuously on a single alkaline AAA battery

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