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Arturia Minibrute2 First Look: NAMM 2018

Arturia's best selling Minibrute get's a stellar revision with the Minibrute2 and Minibrute2S (S stands for sequencer) and we got a quick run down with Signey and some direct audio at NAMM 2018. Details below!

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Arturia is known for the stellar, high quality construction of their synthesizers and the Minibrute2 and 2S are no exception! The feel of the keys and knobs are top notch and the wood paneling gives it a boutique finish that will look great in any setup. 

The Minibrute2 is a two oscillator analog synth with two LFO's and an improved semi-modular patch bay that makes sound creation possibilities infinite. MiniBrute's first VCO (voltage controlled oscillator) has six switchable waveforms: Saw + UltraSaw, Square +Pulse width, Triangle + Metalizer and it's second: Sine, Saw and Square. What this means is that you have a large number of mixing possibilities and thus the ability to create some really unique tones before even taking into consideration the LFO's, envelope and other modulation factors. You'll also find a white noise generator to create a lot of the popular modern electronic music patches you hear on chart busting recordings. 

As with the original Minibrute's Arturia has brought back some of their most popular features, such as the Steiner Parker filters (Low Pass, High Pass, Band Pass, Notch modes) and the Brute Factor distortion for heavy, mangled soundscapes. The MiniBrute 2 also includes an arpeggiator, as with the original, though they've added a couple of more modes and a host of modulation options, via the patch bay.

MiniBrute 2's patch bay is sure to be a hit with modular enthusiasts and pairs swimmingly with their newly announced RackBrute modular cases. The RackBrute comes in 3U and 6U models and makes mounting and powering Eurorack modules a breeze, something that for years has been relegated to boutique crafters and not always suited for use in the US market. They've solved this issue in a beautifully crafted case that mounts easily to the Minibrute 2 or 2S and will be available in the US around late February, as with the Minibrute2. 

To round out the Minibrute2 Arturia has included it's smooth action keyboard from their flagship synth, the MatrixBrute, so you can expect many many hours of playful programming and an endless way's to create!

Feb 12th 2018 Joshua Olds

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