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Video: Meet the Pioneer DDJ-1000- New for NAMM 2018!

Our field correspondent Josh met up with DJ Larry D of Pioneer at NAMM 2018 for an in depth look at the new DDJ-1000 controller for their own proprietary DJ software- Rekordbox. So let's get right into it! We were really excited by the size and feel of the full-sized jog wheels (similar to the CDJ-2000NXS2), which Pioneer boasts has the lowest latency of any DJ controller in the industry. Josh was a little skeptical, but after getting some hands on time, he confirmed- officially impressed! The jog wheels also offer a new screen in the center that displays waveform, key, bpm, and elapsed time, but is also customizable to user preference. 

Pioneer has taken a lot of the ideas from their flagship 2-channel mixer- the S9, and incorporated them into the DDJ-1000 pad functionality and effects and with the new "keyboard" feature you can experiment with a lot of tone play like you see at many of the Red Bull Thr33style battles and across new school turntablist routines. Hit the "sampler" button and the pads will control Rekordbox's internal software sampler so you can drop one shots or loops and get really creative on the fly. 

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The layout of the player section really takes it's cues from the NXS2 line of CDJ's, which will make a lot of people who are familiar with their units from the club feel immediately comfortable on the DDJ-1000. Likewise, the mixer portion is also laid out just like the industry standard DJM-900NXS2, with 2 mic inputs (1x XLR in and 1x1/4" in), 4 channels to simultaneously control 4 Rekordbox decks at once and their highly acclaimed Magvel fader, so you can get some serious technical cuts in! Pioneer also added some new effects and the controls themselves have the same high quality build and placement as their high end DJ mixers. 

The DDJ-1000 controller is built to specifically for Rekordbox DJ, which now supports video and it ships with an authorization for the full version of the software. Combined this with their brand new lighting controller- the RB-DMX1 and you can create a world-class nightclub experience anywhere you go!

Feb 2nd 2018 Joshua Olds

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