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Phase DJ Controller at Namm 2018- Video and Summary

It's safe to say that Phase stole the show for most DJ's and turntablists. If you're not sure what we're talking about- don't worry- this product hasn't even hit the market yet and it's creators, Mixware, kept it under wraps so well, even WE were blind sided!

So here's the scoop: 

The Phase is part controller, part needle, part magical wireless DVS control vinyl. Comprised of two small transmitters and a docking station/receiver, the Phase operates on top of any record (or surface for that matter) and sends rotational data to your DVS interface/mixer just like a cartridge would through a headshell, down the tonearm, out the phono pre to your interface to achieve the goal of controlling your DJ software like a regular record. Here's the kicker: since Phase operates over their own specially developed wireless protocol, it's not tethered to a turntable like your control vinyl would be. One of the most convincing parts of their NAMM demo was, indeed, when the demonstrator grabbed the record off of the turntable and passed it out to someone in the audience and asked them to "air scratch" the record, or basically hold it in the air and rotate it as if they were scratching. The results were impressive. 

Phase will ship with two transmitters and the charging dock and can hold an estimated 10 hours of battery life and wireless DJ fun. No need to plug your turntable into your DVS interface any longer- Just plug the Phase dock straight into where you would have previously plugged in your decks and it will emulate the time code for Serato, Traktor and Rekordbox DJ eliminating the need for cartridges and headshells altogether. 

Though Phase doesn't have an official ship date yet, our sources have estimated we should see them arriving in our stores and available online around late Spring or early Summer with a projected price point of between $200-$300. Considering how much most of us DJ's spend on stylus a year alone, it's worth it's weight in gold! 

Jan 29th 2018 Joshua Olds

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