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Black Friday Deals and Our Newest Store Opening!

It's been a very busy summer for us over at World of Stereo and we're excited to premier our newest location as well as kick out some awesome deals for Black Friday! 

Our newest store is opening in Sacramento, California and will feature a 3,500 square foot warehouse stocked to the brim with everything from pro audio essentials to hard to find niche items that we're known for having when no one else does. We'd love for you to come celebrate the newest store opening, so here's the details:

Black Friday Store Opening:


4121 Power Inn Road, Suite C

Sacramento, CA 95826

(916) 822-4889

We'll have open decks and snacks all day, so if you'd like to come lay down some beats and grab a bite or just want to pop in and see what deals we have going on, come one by!

Nov 20th 2017 Joshua Olds

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