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First Look: All new Electro-Voice Evolve 50 Column Array System and ELX200 Series Powered Speakers

Electro-Voice and Dynacord hit the road this month to show off their newest lines and we sent World of Stereo team members Josh and Matt to get the scoop! We’re going to focus on the all new Evolve 50 and ELX200 series powered speakers in this post, but feel free to contact us regarding pricing and availability of any of their new products.

First up: The Evolve 50 column array system. While several brands have released column array systems in recent years, Electro-Voices approach of “wait and watch” has paid of in dividends. By analyzing the strengths and flaws in similar products, Electro-Voice has managed to put together an extremely well thought out and powerful system that’s sure to grab the attention of rental houses, DJ’s and musicians everywhere.

The Evolve 50 system is comprised of a 1000 watt amplifier with Electro-Voices QuickSmartDSP technology, housed in a 12-inch wooden subwoofer enclosure. The subwoofer serves as the base for the magnetically connected column, which contains eight 3.5-inch neodymium drivers that spiral as they move down the column for well balanced, wave guided coverage. The column receives power and signal from contacts built into the magnetically attached sub pole, making setup and teardown a snap, as well as eliminating unsightly cabling.

Electro-Voices QuickSmartDSP technology features four pre-configured settings (Music, Live, Speech and Club) as well and five user configurable setting storage slots and three-band EQ. We’ve tested these presets extensively on Electro-Voices ZLX, ELX and EKX powered speakers and can attest to it’s convenience and effectiveness. Evolve 50’s single button operation makes navigating the menu simple, which is exactly what you need in the heat of an important gig.

Connect up to SIX of the Evolve 50 systems together over BlueTooth via Electro-Voices new QuickSmart Mobile App, which also allows configuration, control, monitoring AND BlueTooth audio streaming. We give the Evolve 50 two HUGE thumbs up, Electro-Voice really nailed it.

Buy now:

Next Up: The ELX200 series. 

Electro-Voice follows up their immensely popular ZLX series with another composite box, the ELX200 series. These active speakers are packing 1200 watts of clean and beautifully imaged audio in an incredibly light box. It's inherited many of the features of the ZLX speakers as well and we think Jerod did an excellent job of summing up the series in the video below: 

Thanks for checking out our take on Electro-Voices newest products and make sure to get your orders in today!

Oct 4th 2017 Joshua Olds

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