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MASSIVE Technics 1200 Stokyo MCC Certified Refurb Restock!

 There are two things in life that are absolute: Death and the fact that your 1200's will most certainly out live you. If you're like me, you already own a couple of pairs and have watched with slight amusement/despair as the price of the SL-1200 has sky rocketed and leveled off, then sky rocketed AGAIN and sort of left us where we are today. They're not as cheap as they used to be, that's for sure, but unlike everything else these days they're still built like tanks. They're still the gold club standard for turntables. And it's still true that nothing else quite feels like a 1200 to the fingertips. New and seasoned DJ's alike mark the acquisition of their first pair as somewhat of a "rights of passage" or coming of age, or something like that. I know I did. I stared at them with the lights off, the platter and pop-up lights on and my mixer aglow with the signal from some late 90's hip-hop jams for most of the night with a sense of accomplishment that stays with me to this day. Whether you're just playing a few records or practicing a DMC set, the 1200 is irreplaceable in the world of vinyl. Swoop a pair (or one) while they last and see what I'm talking about. 

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Jul 25th 2016 Joshua Olds

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