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Numark PT01 Portable Turntable + Stokyo Kutter Bundle and Black Tuesday 7" Scratch Record Demo

We're a sucker for a game changing new DJ product and the new portablist tools hitting the market seem to be doing just that. This week our staff member Josh (aka Jays One) took the PT01 USB from Numark coupled with the Stokyo Kutter portable crossfader for a spin. This setup offers complete portability since the Stokyo is a passive fader (doesn't require power) and the PT01 can operate on either battery or AC power. To make things easy for those looking in the portablist game, we've put together a special bundle, including the PT01, Stokyo Kutter and Black Tuesday 7" scratch record. PURCHASE HERE and peep the video below!

May 13th 2017 Joshua Olds

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